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Specialising in downloadable extensions for the open source Opencart Shopping System. Everything you need to make shopping a more pleasurable and functional experience. All of our downloads are available in a range of versions and can be completely tailored to match your own needs.



We offer Free Support with every download. We're unable to test our software under all platforms and configurations so we'll be with you whenever you need us to get your extension up and running.

External Support

If you're having problems with your Opencart Installation we may be able to help. NO FEE - just make a donation :)

Extension Request

Extension Request

Need an extension? Let us have your requirements and we'll build it for you :)



Poplarweb is the home of Poplarman. Contact poplarman if you have any specific queries:

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Opencart Admin Email Enhancer 3

Opencart Admin Email Enhancer 3

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Delivery Instructions Opencart Extension Download

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Free Shipping Opencart Extension Download

Smarter Forms Opencart Extension Download

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